Run by : Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Educational Trust

1/518, Ayyampatti Village, Airport Post,
Trichy - 620 007.

Welcome to Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya Matriculation School, Trichy.

Education doesn’t stop with knowledge gained to satisfy materialistic needs. Generally schools attach importance to carrier building by focusing on science arts and commerce stream.

Generally most schools give a lot of importance on how to build a successful career by focusing on science, technology, Commerce and such profession oriented subjects. They therefore turn out brilliant professionals, but as human beings, they experience emptiness in their lives, lacking in development of their mind and their emotional personality.

Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya seeks to eliminate this imbalance by focusing as much on "man making and character building and life giving”. The school imparts a holistic education, which prepares the children for various life situations rather than just a career.

While equipping the children with the skills and knowledge required to become "achievers" in their chosen line of pursuit, th e education also instills in them, values and builds their character so that they can handle the situations with a balanced mind and lead a happy life. In fact, the emphasis in their education will be on, how to master their minds, so that they are not hapless victims of their passions and emotions various circumstances.

May the Almighty Bless you always is our sincere prayer to HIM
What good is it, if we acknowledge in our prayers that God is the Father of us all, and in our daily lives do not treat every man as out brother?
Swami Vivekananda